Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2005Fitness for purpose assessment of a structural aluminium railway car body component
Luke, M.; Schendera, C.; Blauel, J.G.
Conference Paper
1998A comparative study of thermal effects on cold rolled copper induced by cathode spots and short laser pulses
Franz, U.; Lepski, D.; Siemroth, P.
Conference Paper
1993Investigation of fusion welded butt joints in structural steels.
Burget, W.; Blauel, J.G.; Sommer, E.
Journal Article
1988Electron-beam welding of precipitation hardened nickel-base superalloys - assessment of weldability using metallurgical methods
Busch, W.-B.; Kunze, H.-D.
Conference Paper
1987Fracture toughness of welding procedure qualification and component welds tested in SENB and C-specimens
Blauel, J.G.; Burget, W.
Book Article
1983Investigations on laser- and electron beam welded joints of nickel-base alloys
Busch, W.-B.; Kunze, H.-D.
Conference Paper