Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Profile cross rolling for the local hardness increase in helical components such as extruder screws
Forke, Erik; Landgrebe, Dirk
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2015Frictional and thermal behavior of tool materials and tool coatings for press hardening
Landgrebe, Dirk; Schieck, Frank; Müller, Roland; Mosel, Andre´
Conference Paper
2015On the constitutive modelling of twip steels and its application to sheet metal forming simulations
Butz, A.; Zapara, M.; Helm, D.; Haufe, A.; Erhard, A; Schneider, M.; Kampczyk, M.; Stenberg, N.; Hagstrom, J.; Croizet, D.; Biasutti, M.
Conference Paper
2013Determination of hardness and Young's modulus for important III-V compound semiconductors
Klinger, V.; Roesener, T.; Lorenz, G.; Petzold, M.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2013Laser technologies in car body tool manufacturing
Kühn, Stefan; Bonß, Steffen; Hannweber, Jan; Karsunke, Udo; Pögen, Dirk; Brenner, Berndt; Beyer, Eckhard
Conference Paper
2012Improvement of C4I safety by hardening
Adami, Christian; Bladel, A.J.M. van; Braun, Christian; Clemens, Peter; Jöster, Michael; Suhrke, Michael; Taenzer, Achim
2012Laser heat treatment with latest system components
Bonss, S.; Hannweber, J.; Karsunke, U.; Kuehn, S.; Seifert, M.; Beyer, E.
Conference Paper
2012Susceptibility of two deployable C4I systems to HPM - improvement by hardening
Adami, Christian; Braun, Christian; Clemens, Peter; Jöster, Michael; Suhrke, Michael; Taenzer, Achim
Conference Paper
2011Controlled grain size distribution and refinement of an EN AW-6082 aluminium alloy
Lampke, T.; Dietrich, D.; Nickel, D.; Neugebauer, Reimund; Bergmann, M.; Zachäus, R.
Journal Article
2010Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging for evaluation of reinforced concrete structures
Wolter, B.
Book Article
2005Verfahrenskombination Außenrundschleifen - Induktionshärten
Neugebauer, Reimund; Gentzen, J.
Book Article
1996Optimale Verfahrensparameter beim induktiven Randschichthärten durch rechnerische Simulation
Störzel, K.; Kaufmann, H.
Conference Paper
1994Recent developments in new laser systems used for material processing
Beyer, E.; Krause, V.
Conference Paper
1992Surface treatment techniques by laser beam machining
Heuvelman, C.J.; König, W.; Tönshoff, H.K.; Meijer, J.; Kirner, P.K.; Rund, M.; Schneider, M.F.; Sprang, I. van
Conference Proceedings