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2019Thermal Characterization of Naturally Aged Propellants
Heil, Moritz; Hickmann, Jürgen; Müller, Christian
Journal Article
1992Aging behaviour of propellants investigated by heat generation, stabilizer consumption, and molar mass degradation.
Bohn, M.A.; Volk, F.
Journal Article
1992LOVA gun propellants with GAP binder
Schedlbauer, F.
Journal Article
1992On-line rheometer with remote controlled adjustable slit-die for energetics
Müller, D.
Conference Paper
1991Entsorgung von Munition durch Abbrand und Detonation
Jakob, R.; Volk, F.
Conference Paper
1991Tendency to self-ignition of special gun propellants during dynamic grain compression experiments.
Gütlin, E.; Zimmermann, G.
Conference Paper
1990Experimental analysis of the relationship between interior ballistics differential gas pressure and projectile base pressure
Zimmermann, G.; Grumann, H.; Gütlin, E.; Cleve, D.
Conference Paper
1989Selection criteria for metals and plastics as construction materials for long term pressure-testing apparatus on liquid propellants.
Backof, E.
Conference Paper