Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2011A video similarity measure combining alignment, graphical and speech features
Fuentes, Daniel; Bardeli, Rolf; Ortega, Juan A.; González-Abril, Luis
Conference Paper
2004Efficient and realistic shadow rendering using graphics hardware
Schaub, F.
: Nealen, A. (Prüfer); Alexa, M. (Prüfer)
1994Analysis-aided geometric design based on constrained parametric structures
Fischer, R.; Vieira, A.S.; Rix, J.
Book Article
1993Advanced object-oriented methods and concepts for simulations of multi-body systems
Kühn, V.; Müller, W.
Journal Article
1993DaScript 3D. Integrating 3D graphics in a page description language
Samara, V.
Journal Article
1993Direct graphic user interaction with modelers based on constructive solid geometry
Encarnacao, L.M.; Requicha, A.A.G.
Book Article
1993Graphics and visualization - the essential features for the classification of systems
Encarnacao, J.L.; Astheimer, P.; Felger, W.; Frühauf, T.; Göbel, M.; Müller, S.
Conference Paper
1993STEP and its relation to computer graphics
Rix, J.; Burkert, A.; Ungerer, M.
Conference Paper