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2016Granulation of extruded plastic wires: Influence of tool coating properties and tool geometry on cutting forces and tool wear
Cardone, Macario; Putz, Matthias; Schmidt, Gerhard; Dix, Martin; Friedrich, Jürgen; Stockmann, Erich
Conference Paper
2015Simulation of the influence of surface tension on granule morphology during spray drying using a simple capillary force model
Breinlinger, T.; Hashibon, A.; Kraft, T.
Journal Article
2002Preparation of super soft granules from nanosized ceramic powders by spray freezing
Moritz, T.; Nagy, A.
Journal Article
1995Thermal granulation - an effective means for the production of tailored materials
Nebelung, M.; Schubert, J.; Stockmann, J.; Herrmann, M.; Berger, L.-M.
Conference Paper