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2021Propagation of Crystal Defects During Directional Solidification of Silicon via Induction of Functional Defects
Krenckel, P.; Hayama, Y.; Schindler, F.; Trötschler, T.; Riepe, S.; Usami, N.
Journal Article
2020Investigation on the formation of grain boundary serrations in additively manufactured superalloy Haynes 230
Haack, Maximilian; Kuczyk, Martin; Seidel, André; Lopez, Elena; Brückner, Frank; Leyens, Christoph
Journal Article
2019The electrical properties of high performance multicrystalline silicon and mono-like silicon: Material limitations and cell potential
Sio, Hang Cheong; Phang, Sieu Pheng; Fell, Andreas; Wang, Haitao; Zheng, Peiting; Chen, D.K.; Zhang, Xinyu; Zhang, Tao; Wang, Qi; Jin, Hao; Macdonald, Daniel
Journal Article
2019Low friction of metallic multilayers by formation of a shear-induced alloy
Cihan, E.; Störmer, H.; Leiste, H.; Stüber, M.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2015Microstructure and electric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 multilayer capacitors
Löhnert, Romy; Bartsch, Heike; Schmidt, Rainer; Capraro, Beate; Töpfer, Jörg
Journal Article
2015Multiferroic grain boundaries in oxygen-deficient ferroelectric lead titanate
Shimada, T.; Wang, J.; Ueda, T.; Uratani, Y.; Arisue, K.; Mrovec, M.; Elsässer, C.; Kitamura, T.
Journal Article
2014Atomistic simulation of the deformation of nanocrystalline palladium: The effect of voids
Bachurin, D.V.; Gumbsch, P.
Journal Article
2012Interface orientation distribution during grain growth in bulk SrTiO3 measured by means of 3D X-ray diffraction contrast tomography
Syha, M.; Rheinheimer, W.; Bäurer, M.; Lauridsen, E.M.; Ludwig, W.; Weygand, D.; Gumbsch, P.
Conference Paper
2007Corrosion of Si3N4-ceramics in aqueous solutions. Part 2: Corrosion mechanisms in acids as a function of concentration, temperature and composition
Schilm, J.; Herrmann, M.; Michael, G.
Journal Article
2006Corrosion of Si3N4-ceramics in aqueous solutions Part I: Characterisation of starting materials and corrosion in 1 NH2SO4
Schilm, J.; Gruner, W.; Herrmann, M.; Michael, G.
Journal Article
2006Structure and thermoelectric properties of boron doped nanocrystalline Si0.8Ge0.2 thin film
Takashiri, M.; Borca-Tasciuc, T.; Jacquot, A.; Miyazaki, K.; Cheng, G.
Journal Article