Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2010Gradient index metamaterial based on slot elements
Paul, O.; Reinhard, B.; Krolla, B.; Beigang, R.; Rahm, M.
Journal Article
20091.28 Tb/s single wavelength star-16-QAM transmission over up to 800 m of graded-index multimode fibre
Freund, R.-E.; Gross, D.-D.; Ludwig, R.; Schmidt-Langhorst, C.
Conference Paper
2008Sputter process with time-variant reactive gas mixture for the deposition of optical multilayer and gradient layer systems
Bartzsch, H.; Weber, J.; Lau, K.; Glöß, D.; Frach, P.
Conference Paper
2000Radiation-induced optical fibre loss in the far IR
Henschel, H.; Köhn, O.
Conference Paper
1997Microlens arrays by field-assisted Ag(+)-exchange
Messerschmidt, B.; Pfeil, A.; Poßner, T.
Conference Paper
1997Microlens arrays in special glass type produced by silver ion exchange
Poßner, T.; Messerschmidt, B.
Conference Paper
1996Decentralized frequency stabilization scheme for a dense OFDM system involving simple filters and an absolute reference
Kruger, U.; Kruger, K.; Helmolt, C. von; Pawlowski, E.; Depovere, G.F.G.; Witlox, R.G.J.J.; Gils, R.A.J.C.M. van
Journal Article
1995Optical frequency stabilisation scheme for an OFDM network based on widely spaced optical crossconnects
Kruger, U.; Kruger, K.; Helmolt, C.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper
1986Reliable laboratory transmitter with submegahertz linewidth
Wenke, G.; Patzak, E.; Meissner, P.
Journal Article