Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Effect of electric load and dual atmosphere on the properties of an alkali containing diopside-based glass sealant for solid oxide cells
Sabato, A.G.; Rost, Axel; Schilm, Jochen; Kusnezoff, Mihails; Salvo, Milena; Chrysanthou, Andreas; Smeacetto, Federico
Journal Article
2019Joining and mechanical testing of oxide/oxide (Nextel™ 610/alumina-zirconia) ceramic composites
Akram, Muhammad Yasir; Casalegno, Valentina; Ferraris, Monica; Puchas, Georg; Krenkel, Walter; Roszeitis, Sven
Journal Article
2013Polishing of optical media by dielectric barrier discharge inert gas plasma at atmospheric pressure
Gerhard, C.; Weihs, T.; Luca, A.; Wieneke, S.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2012Development and characterization of glass matrix composites as porous coating film of a solid state reference electrode
Feller, Claudia; Furche, Stefan; Eberstein, Markus
Conference Paper
2006Development of functional ceramic films for nano and microsystems technology
Schönecker, A.; Gebhardt, S.; Schlenkrich, F.; Endler, I.; Mayer-Uhma, T.; Uhlig, S.
Conference Paper
2001Wafer stage assembly for ion projection lithography
Damm, C.; Peschel, T.; Risse, S.; Kirschstein, U.
Journal Article
1999Balancing of a polygonal scanner for HDTV application
Kalkowski, G,; Risse, S.; Guyenot, V.
Conference Paper