Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Fusion of camera and inertial motion capturing unit for entire human-robot-interaction
Poshtiri, Azam Haghighi; Bdiwi, Mohamad
Master Thesis
2016User interface design guidelines for smartphone applications for people with Parkinson's disease
Nunes, F.; Silva, P.A.; Cevada, J.; Correia Barros, A.; Teixeira, L.
Journal Article
2014Design and evaluation of a medication application for people with Parkinson's disease
Correia de Barros, Ana; Cevada, João; Bayés, Àngels; Alcaine, Sheila; Mestre, B.
Conference Paper
2013Beyond heat maps - Mining common swipe gestures
Schaefers, Klaus; Ribeiro, David; Barros, Ana Correia de
Conference Paper
2003Avatar gestures
Rieger, T.
Conference Paper
2001Tracking, Sensors and Gestures
Müller, S.
Conference Paper
1997Experiences with adding new input modalities to PC Desktop Computing
Malkewitz, R.; Ristow, B.
Conference Paper
1994Dynamic Gesture Recogition Using Neural Networks. A Fundament for Advanced Interaction Construction
Böhm, K.; Broll, W.; Sokolewicz, M.
Conference Paper
1993Virtual Reality. A new user interface paradigm for industrial applications
Böhm, K.; Hübner, W.
Conference Paper