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2015Single cell analysis of cancer cells using an improved RT-MLPA method has potential for cancer diagnosis and monitoring
Kvastad, L.; Solnestam, B. Werner; Johansson, E.; Nygren, A.O.; Laddach, N.; Sahlén, P.; Vickovic, S.; Bendigtsen, Schirmer C.; Aaserud, M.; Floer, L.; Borgen, E.; Schwind, Carmen; Himmelreich, Ralf; Latta, Daniel; Lundeberg, J.
Journal Article
2011CD4(+)CD25(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells are dispensable for controlling CD8(+) T cell-mediatedl lung inflammation
Tosiek, Milena J.; Gruber, Achim D.; Bader, Sophie R.; Mauel, Susanne; Hoymann, Heinz-Gerd; Prettin, Silvia; Tschernig, Thomas; Buer, Jan; Gereke, Marcus; Bruder, Dunja
Journal Article
2009Bronchial epithelial cells as a new source for differential transcriptome analysis after lung transplantation
Skawran, B.; Dierich, M.; Steinemann, D.; Hohlfeld, J.; Haverich, A.; Schlegelberger, B.; Welte, T.; Neuhoff, N. von
Journal Article
2009Combined microPET/CT for imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma in mice
Falck, C. von; Rodt, T.; Halter, R.; Spanel, R.; Galanski, M.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2008Detection of early signals of hepatotoxicity by gene expression profiling studies with cultures of metabolically competent human hepatocytes
Thum, T.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2008Transcription profiling of lung adenocarcinomas of c-myc-transgenic mice: Identification of the c-myc regulatory gene network
Reymann, S.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2007Importance of DNA-adduct formation and gene expression profiling of disease candidate genes in rats exposed to bitumen fumes
Halter, R.; Hansen, T.; Seidel, A.; Ziemann, C.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2005Epidermal growth factor-induced hepatocellular carcinoma: Gene expression profiles in precursor lesions, early stage and solitary tumours
Borlak, J.; Meier, T.; Halter, R.; Spanel, R.; Spanel-Borowski, K.
Journal Article
2003Gene expression profiles in the closing ductus and the great vessels
Bökenkamp, R.; Thum, T.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article