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2021InCeight Casting C(hoch)8 2021
: Bleicher, Christoph
Conference Proceedings
2009Dust emissions from foundries in Tông Xá and integration of the results into the objectives of IWRM
Assmus, K.; Keuter, V.; Emmerich, R.
Journal Article
2007Material flow management: Approaches for emission reduction and cleaner production in Vietnamese foundries
Hiebel, M.; Mrotzek, A.; Keuter, V.
Journal Article
1998Gießen '98. Der kurze Weg zum Erfolg
Sonsino, C.M.
Journal Article
1994Simulation in der materialflußorientierten PPS
Blümel, E.; Hintze, S.; Seidel, H.
Conference Paper
1988Characterization of hardening depth by Barkhausen noise measurement
Bach, G.; Goebbels, K.; Theiner, W.A.
Journal Article