Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020The Challenge of Open Cellular Metal Foam Production
Hannemann, Christian; Uhlig, Mandy; Hipke, Thomas; Meier, Iris
Conference Paper
2020Shape Memory Polymer Foam with Programmable Apertures
Walter, Mario; Friess, Fabian; Krus, Martin; Hassan Zolanvari, Seyed Mohammad; Grün, Gunnar; Kröber, Hartmut; Pretsch, Thorsten
Journal Article
2018Foam injection molding of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites with laminate skins
Kasemphaibulsuk, Pibulchai; Holzner, Marcel; Kuboki, Takashi; Hrymak, Andrew
Journal Article
2017Starch based particle foam for biodegradable packaging
Journal Article
2017Structural foams of biobased isosorbide-containing copolycarbonate
Zepnik, Stefan; Sander, Daniel; Kabasci, Stephan; Hopmann, Christian
Journal Article
2016Sandwich manufacturing with foam core and coversheets out of aluminum - a new process without rolling
Holders, Karsten; Hohlfeld, Jörg; Hipke, Thomas
2013Cellulose acetate for thermoplastic foam extrusion
Zepnik, Stefan; Hildebrand, Tilo; Kabasci, Stephan; Radusch, Hans-Joachim; Wodke, Thomas
Book Article
2012Influence of external plasticization on rheological and thermal properties of cellulose acetate with respect to its foamability
Zepnik, Stefan; Kabasci, Stephan; Radusch, Hans-Joachim
Journal Article
2012Rheological properties of cellulose acetate with respect to its foamability: Influence of plasticizer and blowing agent
Zepnik, Stefan; Kabasci, Stephan; Wodke, Thomas; Hildebrand, T.; Radusch, Hans-Joachim; Lück, F. van
Conference Paper
2009Optimization of multilayered porous acoustic absorbers
Andrä, H.; Kabel, M.; Spies, M.; Rieder, H.
Conference Paper
2008A new oxidation protection strategy for silicon carbide foams
Martin, H.-P.; Standke, G.; Adler, J.
Journal Article
2008Syntaktische Schäume
Sengespeick, A.; Blömer, J.; Eloo, C.
Journal Article
2007Numerical determination of initial and subsequent yield surfaces of open-celled model foams
Demiray, S.; Becker, W.; Hohe, J.
Journal Article
2005Modular micro reaction system including ceramic components
Moritz, T.; Lenk, R.; Adler, J.; Zins, M.
Journal Article
2003Properties of heat-treated aluminium foams
Lehmhus, D.; Banhart, J.
Journal Article
2001Investigation of metal foam formation by microscopy and ultra small-angle neutron scattering
Banhart, J.; Bellmann, D.; Clemens, H.
Journal Article
2000High-Resolution Radioscopy and Tomography for Light Materials and Devices
Helfen, L.; Baumbach, T.; Banhart, J.; Stanzick, H.; Cloetens, P.; Ludwig, W.; Baruchel, J.
Conference Paper
1990Von der Prüfaufgabe zum Projekt - Fallbeispiele zu Machbarkeitsstudien
Bantel, T.
Conference Paper
1988Transparent insulation systems composed of different materials
Pflüger, A.; Platzer, W.; Wittwer, V.
Conference Paper