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2014Deeper insight with MEMS based illumination
Skupsch, Christoph; Heber, Jörg; Berndt, Dirk; Wagner, Michael; Rückerl, Florian; Tinevez, Jean-Yves; Shorte, Spencer
2014Initial phases of microbial biofilm formation on opaque, innovative anti-adhesive surfaces using a modular microfluidic system
Wagner, K.; Friedrich, S.; Stang, C.; Bley, T.; Schilling, N.; Bieda, M.; Lasagni, A.; Boschke, E.
Journal Article
2010In vivo inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor autophosphorylation prevents receptor internalization
Wolff, M.; Tetzlaff, K.; Nivens, M.C.; Schneider, F.-J.; Jung, B.; Hohlfeld, J.; Heilker, R.
Journal Article
1996Performance of a laboratory X-ray microscope, using z-pinch-generated plasmas, for soft X-ray contact microscopy of living biological specimens
Ford, T.W.; Page, A.M.; Rondot, S.; Lebert, R.; Bergmann, K.; Neff, W.; Gavrilescu, C.; Stead, A.D.
Conference Paper