Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Hydrodynamic ram effect driven by a hollow spherical hypervelocity projectile
Heilig, Georg; May, Michael
Journal Article
2020A conjugate heat transfer model for unconstrained melting of macroencapsulated phase change materials subjected to external convection
Hummel, Daniel; Beer, Stefan; Hornung, Andreas
Journal Article
2020Soil-dependent earthquake spectra in the analysis of liquid-storage-tanks on compliant soil
Michel, Philipp; Rosin, Julia; Butenweg, Christoph; Klinkel, Sven
Conference Paper
2019Investigation of Shear Forces using Coupled ANSYS Simulation of Micro Diaphragm Pump Dynamics
Ravada, Kiran Vani Himaja
: Durasiewicz, Claudia Patricia
Master Thesis
2018Attenuation of blast effects from underwater explosions in built structures
Roller, Christoph; Stolz, Alexander
Conference Paper
2016Detection of energy sinks and sources in the active vibratory energy field of coupled structures and systems with fluid-structure interaction
Groba, Peter; Ebert, J.; Stoewer, Torsten; Schaal, Clarissa; Bös, Joachim; Melz, Tobias
Conference Paper
2016Quasi-Newton methods for unstable partitioned fluid-structure interactions
Koch, Marcel
: Garcke, Jochen
Master Thesis
2013Modelling and simulation of fluid-porous structure interaction on the filter element scale
Kirsch, Ralf; Iliev, Dimitar; Iliev, Oleg; Mikelić, Andro; Dedering, Michael
Conference Paper
2003Case studies of fluid transients in subcooled pipe flow
Bergant, A.; Dudlik, A.; Pothof, I.; Schoenfeld, S.-B.; Tijsseling, A.S.; Vardy, A.E.