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2019Finite element modelling of slewing bearings. Mesh design, internal contacts, preload
Schleich, Florian
2015Model-based representation of thermo-energetic effects in cutting tools and part clamping devices
Bräunig, Michael; Semmler, Ulrich; Schmidt, Gerhard; Wittstock, Volker; Putz, Matthias
Book Article
2014Thermal deformations of cutting tools: Measurement and numerical simulation
Semmler, Ulrich; Bräunig, Michael; Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Schmidt, Gerhard; Wittstock, Volker
Journal Article
2011Notch stress concept for assessing the multiaxial fatigue behaviour of laserbeam-welded aluminum joints under constant and variable amplitude loading
Wiebesiek, Jens; Zemke, Matthias; Sonsino, Cetin Morris; Kaufmann, Heinz
Conference Paper
2008Finite element modelling of PM surface densification process
Yazici, B.A.; Kraft, T.; Riedel, H.
Journal Article