Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Development of Back Side Technology for Light Trapping and Photon Recycling in GaAs Solar Cells
Micha, D.; Höhn, O.; Oliva, E.; Klinger, V.; Bett, A.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2018Optimization of inline processes for the production of freestanding epitaxially grown thin films for solar cells
Ivanov, Alexey; Sorgenfrei, R.; Gust, Elke; Barth, Philipp; Nieuwenhuysen, Kris van; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Riepe, Stephan; Janz, Stefan
Conference Paper
2014A-SIO:H thin films with increased light induced degradation stability for thin film silicon solar cells
Holinski, S.; Borchert, D.; Hohage, S.; Meiners, B.-M.; Schäfer, P.; Westrich, T.
Conference Paper