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2017Characterization of physico-mechanical properties of Z-phase strengthened ferritic steels using internal friction measurements in the range 25 ÷ 750˚C
Kutelia, E.; Dzigrashvili, T.; Kukava, G.; Darsavelidze, I.; Kurashvili, I.; Riedel, H.; Donth, B.
Conference Paper
2016NDT of railway components using induction thermography
Netzelmann, Udo; Walle, Günter; Ehlen, A.; Lugin, Sergey; Finckbohner, Michael; Bessert, Steffen
Conference Paper
2014Assessment of dynamic fracture toughness values K(Jc) and reference temperatures T(0,x) determined for a german RPV steel at elevated loading rates according to ASTM E1921
Böhme, W.; Reichert, T.; Meyer, U.
Conference Paper
2012Enhancement of the micro mechanical basis for local approach cleavage models
Hardenacke, V.; Hohe, J.; Friedmann, V.; Siegele, D.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2012The influence of external magnetic fields on crack contrast in magnetic steel detected by induction thermography
Jäckel, Patrick; Netzelmann, Udo
Conference Paper
2009An enhanced model for probabilistic cleavage fracture assessment considering local constraint effects
Hohe, J.; Hardenacke, V.; Luckow, S.; Siegele, D.
Conference Paper
2009The influence of Helium bubbles on the critical resolved shear stress of dispersion strengthened alloys
Bako, B.; Samaras, M.; Weygand, D.; Chen, J.; Gumbsch, P.; Hoffelner, W.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2002Fatigue behaviour of stainless steel for way-carriages in a corrosive environment (Trainox)
Riscifuli, S.; Serra, M.; Sonsino, C.M.; Küppers, M.
1998A Way to Detect Hydrogen-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking (HISCC) at and Early Stage
Lang, M.A.
Journal Article
1996Early detection of hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking using micromagnetic test methods
Lang, M.A.; Altpeter, I.; Dobmann, G.
Conference Paper
1996Nondestructive evaluation of cementite content in steel and white cast iron using inductive Barkhausen noise
Altpeter, I.
Journal Article
1994Zerstörungsfreie Prüfmethoden bei nichtrostenden Stählen
Walte, F.; Kröning, M.
Conference Paper
1993Nondestructive evaluation of creep-induced material degradation in low alloy ferritic steels
Willems, H.; Koble, T.D.; Kröning, M.
Conference Paper
1991Nondestructive analysis of the deep-drawing behavior of rolled sheets with ultrasonic techniques
Schneider, E.; Spies, M.
Conference Paper
1989Nondestructive analysis of the deep-drawing behavior of rolling sheets with ultrasonic techniques
Schneider, E.; Spies, M.
Conference Paper