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2015Bias-free lateral terahertz emitters - a simulation study
Granzner, R.; Polyakov, V.M.; Cimalla, V.; Ambacher, O.; Schwierz, F.
Journal Article
2010Coupled theoretical and experimental investigation of the role of impurity levels and concentration in Bi2Te3 and PbTe-based materials at high temperature
Jacquot, A.; König, J.; Bayer, B.; Ebling, D.; Schmidt, J.; Jägle, M.
Conference Paper
2010Thermoelectric properties as a function of electronic band structure and microstructure of textured materials
Jacquot, A.; Farag, N.; Jägle, M.; Bobeth, M.; Schmidt, J.; Ebling, D.; Böttner, H.
Journal Article
2003Metastable behavior of anion-site donors in InAs
Risse, M.; Vianden, R.
Journal Article
1996Influence of SiNx passivation on the surface potential of GaInAs and AlInAs in HEMT layer structures
Arps, M.; Each, H.-G.; Passenberg, W.; Umbach, A.; Schlaak, W.
Conference Paper