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2018Data-driven fatigue crack quantification and prognosis using nonlinear ultrasonic modulation
Lim, Hyung Jin; Sohn, Hoon; Kim, Yongtak
Journal Article
2018Nonlinear ultrasonic modulation based failure warning for aluminum plates subject to fatigue loading
Kim, Yongtak; Lim, Hyung Jin; Sohn, Hoon
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article
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Conference Paper
2001A Short Crack Growth Model for the Prediction of Fatigue Lives under Multiaxial Nonproportional Loading
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
1998PC-based Systems for Ultrasonic and Eddy Current NDT
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article