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20021.3 mu m BH-FP laser with integrated monitor photodiode, 45 degrees reflector for bottom side emission employing full on-wafer fabrication
Janiak, K.; Albrecht, P.; Fidorra, S.; Heidrich, H.; Rehbein, W.; Roehle, H.; Althaus, H.-L.
Conference Paper
2002High-performance all-active tapered 1550 nm InGaAsP-BH-FP lasers
Möhrle, M.; Roehle, H.; Sigmund, A.; Suna, A.; Reier, F.
Conference Paper
1997Large-signal analysis of all-optical wavelength conversion using two-mode injection-locking in semiconductor lasers
Hörer, J.; Patzak, E.
Journal Article
1997Quasicontinuous tunable fiber-ring laser applied as local oscillator in an absolute calibrated spectrometer for WDM systems
Kruger, U.; Kruger, K.; Helmolt, C. von
Journal Article
1994Transparent optical multistable frequency stage using an injection locked Fabry-Perot converter laser
Fiedler, P.; Foisel, H.-M.; Strebel, B.
Conference Paper