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2018Effect of the material modeling and the experimental material characterisation on fatigue life estimation within strain-based fatigue assessment approaches
Hell, Matthias; Wagener, Rainer; Kaufmann, Heinz; Melz, Tobias
Journal Article
2017Experimental investigation and evaluation of numerical modeling approaches for hybrid-FRP-steel sections under impact loading for the application in automotive crash-structures
Dlugosch, Michael; Fritsch, Jens; Lukaszewicz, Dirk; Hiermaier, Stefan
Journal Article
2017State-of-the-art: Intermediate and high strain rate testing of solid wood
Polocoser, T.; Kasal, B.; Stöckel, F.
Journal Article
2014Numerical prediction of the stiffness and strength of medium density fiberboards
Sliseris, J.; Andrä, H.; Kabel, M.; Dix, B.; Plinke, B.; Wirjadi, O.; Frolovs, G.
Journal Article