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2019A comparison of log Kow (n‑octanol-water partition coefficient) values for non‑ionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants determined using predictions and experimental methods
Hodges, Geoff; Eadsforth, Charles; Bossuyt, Bart; Bouvy, Alain; Enrici, Marie‑Helene; Geurts, Marc; Kotthoff, Matthias; Michie, Eleanor; Miller, Dennis; Müller, Josef; Oetter, Gunter; Roberts, Jayne; Schowanek, Diederik; Sun, Ping; Venzmer, Joachim
Journal Article
2007Comparison of test methods for strength characterization of thin solar wafer
Schönfelder, S.; Bohne, A.; Bagdahn, J.
Conference Paper
2003Underlying issues in bioaccessibility and bioavailabilty: Experimental methods
Hund-Rinke, K.; Kördel, W.
Journal Article
2002Structural Durability and Reliability of Complex and Smart Structures
Sonsino, C.M.; Hanselka, H.
Conference Paper
2000Methods of structural durability assessment
Sonsino, C.M.
Conference Paper
1990Experimental methods for ballistics and impact physics.
Hohler, V.; Stilp, A.
Book Article