Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Thermal errors in milling: Comparison of displacements of the machine tool, tool and workpiece
Putz, Matthias; Regel, Joachim; Wenzel, A.; Bräunig, Michael
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Development of a structural health and load monitoring system and its implementation into an aircraft flying demonstrator
Lilov, Mihail; Siebel, Thomas; Contell Asins, Conchin; Schwarzhaupt, Oliver; Carli, Valerio
Conference Paper
2013Experimental investigation on improving electromechanical impedance based damage detection by temperature compensation
Siebel, Thomas; Lilov, Mihail
Conference Paper
2008Influence of friction and process parameters on the specific cutting force and surface characteristics in micro cutting
Weber, M.; Autenrieth, H.; Kotschenreuther, J.; Gumbsch, P.; Schulze, V.; Löhe, D.; Fleischer, J.
Journal Article
2007Fundamental investigation of the "Draw-peeling" process
Kieselstein, J.; Leopold, J.
Conference Paper
2007Investigations on the influence of local material properties of burr formation
Dix, M.; Leopold, J.; Neugebauer, Reimund
Conference Paper
1991The effect of tilt angle and voltage conditions on PV system performance - an experimental investigation
Schmidt, H.; Jantsch, M.; Kaiser, R.; Roth, W.; Stoll, M.
Conference Paper
1989Penetration efficiency of segmented rods
Senf, H.; Rothenhäusler, H.; Raatschen, H.-J.; Pavel, W.; Fuchs, S.
Conference Paper