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2019Sharing experience to spread evaluation practices: Evaluation does help to improve policies!
Broc, Jean-Sébastian; Breitschopf, Barbara; Schlomann, Barbara; Voswinkel, Fabian; Marić, Lovorko; Thenius, Gregor
Conference Paper
2015Architecting crowdsourcing systems: Challenges and solution ideas from the RESCUER project
Vale, Tassio; Arif, Taslim; Gasparin, Laia; Vieira, Vaninha
2015Architecture challenges for a crowd-based emergency management system
Arif, Taslim; Gasparin, Laia; Vale, Tassio; Vieira, Vaninha
2015Software architecture challenges in distributed development settings: An experience report
Vale, Tassio; Arif, Taslim; Gasparin, Laia
2000A case study on engineering ontologies and related processes for sharing software engineering experience
Tautz, C.; Althoff, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2000A Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Managing Qualitative Experience
Tautz, C.; Althoff, K.-D.; Nick, M.
Conference Paper