Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Parameterization of Environmental Influences by Automated Characteristic Diagrams for the Decoupled Fluid and Structural-mechanical Simulations
Glänzel, Janine; Kumar, Tharun Suresh; Naumann, Christian; Putz, Matthias
Journal Article
2018An analysis on retention error behavior and power consumption of recent DDR4 DRAMs
Mathew, Deepak M.; Schultheis, Martin; Rheinländer, Carl C.; Sudarshan, Chirag; Weis, Christian; Wehn, Norbert; Jung, Matthias
Conference Paper
2017Analysis of spatial and temporal dependencies of the TCP-dislocation measurement for the assessment of the thermo-elastic behavior of 3-axis machine tools
Brecher, Christian; Klatte, Michel; Tzanetos, Filippos
Conference Paper
2012State-of-the-art in in situ evaluation of structural timber
Kasal, B.
Journal Article
2003Influence of the pixel size of the camera on 3D-measurements with fringe projection
Brakhage, P.; Heinze, M.; Notni, G.; Kowarschik, R.
Conference Paper
2001Lower bound on mean squared channel estimation error for multiuser receiver
Boche, H.; Stanczak, S.
Conference Paper