Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021An Explainable Multimodal Neural Network Architecture for Predicting Epilepsy Comorbidities Based on Administrative Claims Data
Linden, Thoma; Jong, J. de; Lu, C.; Kiri, V.; Haeffs, K.; Fröhlich, H.
Journal Article
2021Towards realizing the vision of precision medicine: AI based prediction of clinical drug response
Jong, Johann de; Cutcutache, Ioana; Page, Matthew; Elmoufti, Sami; Dilley, Cynthia; Fröhlich, Holger; Armstrong, Martin
Journal Article
2020Stable high frequency background EEG activity distinguishes epileptic from healthy brain regions
Minthe, Annika; Janzarik, Wibke G.; Lachner-Piza, Daniel; Reinacher, Peter Christoph; Schulze-Bonhage, Andreas; Dümpelmann, Matthias; Jacobs, Julia
Journal Article
2019Machine Learning Methods for Detection of Epileptic Seizures with Long-Term Wearable Devices
Houta, Salima; Bisgin, Pinar; Dulich, Pascal
Conference Paper
2019Use of HL7 FHIR to structure data in epilepsy self-management applications
Houta, Salima; Ameler, Tim; Surges, Rainer
Conference Paper
2018Flexible high density active neural implants combining a distributed multiplexing transceiver architecture with biocompatible technology
Marcoleta, Juan Pablo; Nogueira, Waldo; Froriep, Ulrich Paul; Doll, Theodor
Journal Article
Hermann, R.; Schneider, E.; Menth, M.; Knebel, N.; Ferron, G.; Borlak, J.; Erb, K.; Partiot, A.; Germain, J.-M.; Locher, M.; Porter, R.
Journal Article