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2021Perforation Potential in Life Cycle Assessment: A Method for the Identification of Land Use Activities in Remote Areas
Coelho, Carla
: Sedlbauer, Klaus (Hrsg.); Leistner, Philip (Hrsg.); Mehra, Schew-Ram (Hrsg.); Michelsen, Ottar (Mitberichter); Lindner, Jan Paul (Mitberichter)
2020Global occurrence, chemical properties, and ecological impacts of e-wastes (IUPAC technical report)
Purchase, Diane; Abbasi, Golnoush; Bisschop, Lieselot; Chatterjee, Debashish; Ekberg, Christian; Ermolin, Mikhail; Fedotov, Petr; Garelick, Hemda; Isimekhai, Khadijah; Kandile, Nadia G.; Lundström, Mari; Matharu, Avtar; Miller, Bradley W.; Pineda, Antonio; Popoola, Oluseun E.; Retegan, Teodora; Ruedel, Heinz; Serpe, Angela; Sheva, Yehuda; Surati, Kiran R.; Walsh, Fiona; Wilson, Benjamin P.; Wong, Ming Hung
Journal Article
1998Waste Treatment in Product Specific Life Cycle Inventories. An Approach of Material-Related Modelling. Part II: Sanitary Landfill
Bez, J.; Heyde, M.; Goldhan, G.
Journal Article
1992The costs of climate change. A rough estimate of orders of magnitude. Report to the commission of the European Communities
Gärtner, M.; Hohmeyer, O.