Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Advantages and challenges of using sic mosfets in a high power density insulated hv/lv dc/dc converter
Zeltner, S.; Seliger, B.; Haager, D.; Eckardt, B.; Bach, L.; Yu, Z.; Vater, S.; Bayer, C.F.; Schletz, A.; Umeda, H.; Morita, T.
Conference Paper
2020Prediction of Heat Demand for Building Energy Managers: An IoT and Control Perspective
Thomas, Jorge A.
Conference Paper
2019AEROFLEX - Advanced Energy Management in Distributed Powertrains
Nitzsche, Gunter; Engasser, Julius; Mentink, Paul
Conference Paper
2019Optimized energy generation for rural areas
Illing, Bjoern; Rublack, Liane
Conference Paper
2019Photovoltaic energy yield prediction using an irradiance forecast model based on machine learning for decentralized energy systems
Wendlandt, Stefan; Popescu, Florin
Conference Paper
2019Transposing the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive on mandatory energy audits for large companies: A policy‐cycle‐based review of the national implementation in the EU-28 member states
Nabitz, Lisa; Hirzel, Simon
Journal Article
2018New approaches for energy management. Incentives, integrated system planning and operation and grid integration
Appen, J. von
2017A configurable sensor platform for cloud-based IoT application scenarios
Aragón, Gustavo; Reiners, René; Kemény, Zsolt
Conference Paper
2017Predicting the quantifiable impacts of ISO 50001 on climate change mitigation
McKane, Aimee; Therkelsen, Peter; Scodel, Anna; Rao, Prakash; Aghajanzadeh, Arian; Hirzel, Simon; Zhang, Ruiqin; Prem, Richard; Fossa, Alberto; Lazarevska, Ana M.; Matteini, Marco; Schreck, Bettina; Allard, Fabian; Villegal Alcántar, Noé; Steyn, Karel; Hürdogan, Ertac; Björkman,Thomas; O'Sullivan, John
Journal Article
2016Chances for changes - tailoring energy-efficiency measures to target groups
Wohlfarth, Katharina; Eichhammer, Wolfgang; Schlomann, Barbara; Worrell, Ernst
Conference Paper
2016How can energy audits and energy management be promoted amongst SMEs?
Nabitz, Lisa; Hirzel, Simon; Rohde, Clemens; Wohlfarth, Katharina; Behling, Ian; Turner, Rebecca
Conference Paper
2016Sensitivity analysis of adiabatic compressed air energy storage
Rublack, Liane; Warweg, Oliver; Bretschneider, Peter; Freund, Sebastian; Bieber, Mathilde
Conference Paper
2016Stochastic simulation of thermal load profiles
Kippelt, Stefan; Klaes, Marcel; Rehtanz, Christian; Winkel, Michael
Conference Paper
2015Adoption of low-cost energy efficiency measures in the tertiary sector
Schlomann, Barbara; Schleich, Joachim
Journal Article
2015Design and optimization of an energy manager for an office building
Majetta, Kristin; Clauß, Christoph; Haufe, Jürgen; Blochwitz, Torsten; Liebold, Edgar; Hintzen, Ullrich; Klostermann, Volker
Conference Paper
2015Modeling a building energy management system scenario based on OGEMA framework for power flow optimization
Chen, Chiao-Ping
: Lappus, Gerhard (Supervisor); Nauck, Enrico (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2015Smart Metering. Success depends on selecting the right information and communication technology
Weber, Lars; Heidrich, Mike
Conference Paper
2014Energy-benchmarking within companies: Insights from benchmarking practice
Sontag, Benjamin; Hirzel, Simon; Bender, Oliver; Kloos, Hans; Laubach, Michael; Wallkötter, Rolf; Rohde, Clemens
Conference Paper
2013Innovationsallianz Green Carbody Technologies - mit energieeffizienterer und ressourcenschonenderer Technik produzieren
Putz, Matthias
2011Collecting factors for motivating energy-saving behavior
Jentsch, Marc; Jahn, Marco; Reiners, René; Kirschenmann, Uwe
Conference Paper
2009Improving the database of electricity efficiency in tertiary buildings by monitoring and surveying
Gruber, E.; Schlomann, B.
Conference Paper
2007Real-time predictive control of hybrid fuel cell drive trains
Bartholomäus, R.; Fischer, A.; Klingner, M.
Conference Paper
2007Die Speicherung elektrischer Energie - Ausgleich fluktuierender Einspeisesysteme und dynamisches Energiemanagement durch den Einsatz von Stromspeichern
Dötsch, C.; Berthold, S.; Wolf, D.
Book Article
1998Leitfaden Nahwärme
Dötsch, Christian; Taschenberger, Jan; Schönberg, Ingo
: Bergen, Johannes van; Schleyer, Andreas; Czyzewski, Dieter; Probst, Jörg
1991Neural networks - a proper approach to the energy management problem?
Stoll, M.
Conference Paper