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2021Modelling and analysis of the energy intensity in polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor and carbon fibre manufacturing
Dér, Antal; Dilger, Nikolas; Kaluza, Alexander; Creighton, Claudia; Kara, Sami; Varley, Russell; Herrmann, Christoph; Thiede, Sebastian
Journal Article
2019Achievability of the Paris targets in the EU - the role of demand-side-driven mitigation in different types of scenarios
Wachsmuth, Jakob; Duscha, Vicki
Journal Article
2016Comparison of carbon dioxide emissions intensity of steel production in China, Germany, Mexico, and the United States
Hasanbeigi, Ali; Arens, Marlene; Cardenas, Jose C.; Price, Lynn; Triolo, Ryan
Journal Article
2012Energy intensity development of the german iron and steel industry between 1991 and 2007
Arens, Marlene; Worrell, Ernst; Schleich, Joachim
Conference Paper