Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Roadmap on sustainable mixed ionic-electronic conducting membranes
Chen, Guoxing; Feldhoff, Armin; Weidenkaff, Anke; Li, Claudia; Liu, Shaomin; Zhu, Xuefeng; Sunarso, Jaka; Huang, Kevin; Wu, Xiao-Yu; Ghoniem, Ahmed F.; Yang, Weishen; Xue, Jian; Wang, Haihui; Shao, Zongping; Duffy, Jack H.; Brinkman, Kyle S.; Tan, Xiaoyao; Zhang, Yan; Jiang, Heqing; Costa, Remi; Friedrich, Kaspar Andreas; Kriegel, Ralf
Journal Article
2021SiC Power MOS technology evolution. Sustainable and efficient energy conversion in DC grids
Erlbacher, Tobias
2020Dual-Heteroatom-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets Conjoined CoNi-Based Carbide and Sulfide Nanoparticles for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Zakaria, Mohamed Barakat; Zheng, Dehua; Apfel, Ulf-Peter; Nagata, Takahiro; Kenawy, El-Refaie S.; Lin, Jianjian
Journal Article
2020Evaluating Current Distribution and Influence of Defect Sites for Graphitic Compound Bipolar Plate Materials
Baumann, Nils; Blankenship, A.; Dorn, M.; Cremers, Carsten
Journal Article
2020Multi-scale X-ray tomography and machine learning algorithms to study MoNi4 electrocatalysts anchored on MoO2 cuboids aligned on Ni foam
Topal, Emre; Liao, Zhongquan; Löffler, Markus; Gluch, Jürgen; Zhang, Jian; Feng, Xinliang; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2019A comprehensive study on improved power materials for high-temperature thermoelectric generators
Bittner, Michael; Kanas, Nikola; Hinterding, Richard; Steinbach, Frank; Räthel, Jan; Schrade, Matthias; Wiik, Kjell; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann; Feldhoff, Armin
Journal Article
2019Optical signatures of pentacene in soft rare-gas environments
Stauffert, O.; Izadnia, S.; Stienkemeier, F.; Walter, M.
Journal Article
2018Optimization of a vibration absorber with piezoelectric energy harvesting capabilities
Perfetto, Sara
2016Development of reformed ethanol fuel cell system for backup and off-grid applications - system design and integration
Koski, Pauli; Pulkkinen, Valtteri; Auvinen, Sonja; Ihonen, Jari; Karimäki, Henri; Keränen, Timo; Ryden, Agnes; Tingelöf, Thomas; Limonta, Stefano; Croci, Diego; Fracas, Paolo; Wichert, Martin; Kolb, Gunther; Magalhaes, Roberto; Relvas, Frederico; Boaventura, Marta; Mendes, Adelio
Conference Paper
2016A systematic investigation of permeation barriers for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Rossi, Francesca de; Mincuzzi, Girolamo; Giacomo, Francesco di; Fahlteich, John; Amberg-Schwab, Sabine; Noller, Klaus; Brown, Thomas M.
Journal Article
2014Upconversion quantum yield of Er3+-doped Beta-NaYf4 and Gd2O2s: The effects of host lattice, Er3+ doping, and excitation spectrum bandwidth
Fischer, S.; Martín-Rodríguez, R.; Fröhlich, B.; Krämer, K.; Meijerink, A.; Goldschmidt, J.
Journal Article
2010The green effect
Barroso, L.A.; Rudrick, H.; Sensfuss, F.; Linares, P.
Journal Article
2008Thermoelectrics: Direct solar thermal energy conversion
Tritt, T.; Böttner, H.; Chen, L.
Journal Article
2005Energy in the perspective of the sustainable development: The 2000 W society challenge
Marechal, F.; Favrat, D.; Jochem, E.
Journal Article
1997Indicators for a European Cross-Country Comparison of Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry
Eichhammer, W.; Mannsbart, W.
Journal Article
1994Process diagnosis and control for removal processes with excimer laser radiation
Barkhausen, W.; Wehner, M.; Wissenbach, K.; Kreutz, E.W.
Conference Paper
1991Feststoffoxid-Brennstoffzellen -SOFC-
Divisek, J.
1990Ion exchange membranes as electrolyte for electrochemical energy conversion
Ledjeff, K.; Ahn, J.; Zylka, D.; Heinzel, A.
Journal Article