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2017An experiment package for the evaluation of difficulties in the classification of user requirements that are provided as user stories
Maier, Andreas
2017Real-time Delphi in practice - a comparative analysis of existing software-based tools
Aengenheyster, Stefan; Cuhls, Kerstin; Gerhold, Lars; Heiskanen-Schüttler, Maria; Huck, Jana; Muszynska, Monika
Journal Article
2013Effective requirements elicitation in product line application engineering - an experiment
Adam, Sebastian; Schmid, Klaus
Conference Paper
2013Empirical practice in software engineering
Jedlitschka, Andreas; Guzman, Liliana; Jung, Jessica; Lampasona, Constanza; Steinbach, Silke
Book Article
2012What do you expect from requirements specifications? An empirical investigation of information needs
Groß, Anne
Conference Paper
2009An empirical model of software managers' information needs for software engineering technology selection
Jedlitschka, A.
: Rombach, D.; Liggesmeyer, P.; Bomarius, F.
2008Formalisms in software engineering: Myths versus empirical facts
Rombach, H. Dieter; Seelisch, Frank
Conference Paper