Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Investigations on current filamentation in PIN diodes using TLP measurements and TCAD simulations
Scharf, Patrick; Sohrmann, Christoph; Holland, Steffen; Beyer, Volkhard
Conference Paper
2019Stress current slew rate sensitivity of an ultra-high-speed interface IC
Weber, Johannes; Fung, Rita; Wong, Richard; Wolf, Heinrich; Gieser, Horst; Maurer, Linus
Journal Article
2016Cleanroom suitability of equipment: Assessment methodology according to 14644-14 and its verification
Gommel, Udo; Kreck, Guido; Bürger, Frank
Conference Paper
2016Consumables in clean environments - Cross-contamination and emission behaviour of Consumables vs. cleanliness specifications
Gommel, Udo; Bürger, Frank; Kreck, Guido
Conference Paper
2015ESD protection methodology on system level and concept on device level
Notermans, Guido; Holland, Steffen; Sohrmann, Christoph
Conference Paper