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1995Application of smoothing techniques to relief-type resist surfaces generated by direct write electron-beam lithography
Engel, H.; Wengelink, J.; Steingrüber, R.
Conference Paper
1993Nanostructure patterning with SOR X-ray lithography
Chlebek, J.; Huber, H.-L.; Oertel, H.K.; Reimer, K.
Conference Paper
1990Profile evolution in the multilevel technique
Pilz, W.; Pelka, J.
Conference Paper
1989High sensitivity positive tone X-ray resist: RAY-PF performance under e-beam exposure
Menschig, A.; Forchel, A.; Dammel, R.; Lingnau, J.; Pongratz, S.; Scheunemann, U.; Theis, J.
Conference Paper