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2021Quantification of the carbon bonding state in amorphous carbon materials: A comparison between EELS and NEXAFS measurements
Mangolini, F.; Li, Z.; Marcus, M.A.; Schneider, R.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2019Facile and efficient atomic hydrogenation enabled black TiO₂ with enhanced photo‐electrochemical activity via a favorably low‐energy‐barrier pathway
Wang, X.; Mayrhofer, L.; Höfer, M.; Estrade, S.; Lopez-Conesa, L.; Zhou, H.; Lin, Y.; Peiró, F.; Fan, Z.; Shen, H.; Schäfer, L.; Moseler, M.; Bräuer, G.; Waag, A.
Journal Article
2014Electron microscopic evidence for a tribologically induced phase transformation as the origin of wear in diamond
Zhang, X.; Schneider, R.; Müller, E.; Mee, M.; Meier, S.; Gumbsch, P.; Gerthsen, D.
Journal Article
2010Analysis of polar GaN surfaces with photoelectron and high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
Lorenz, P.; Haensel, T.; Gutt, R.; Koch, R.J.; Schaefer, J.A.; Krischok, S.
Journal Article
2007Ab initio study of electronic densities of states at copper-alumina interfaces
Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.; Rühle, M.
Journal Article
2005Bonding of thin Pd films on (100)SrTiO3 substrates: Ab initio density functional theory investigations
Benthem, K. van; Elsässer, C.; Rühle, M.
Journal Article