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2015Quantitative voxel-to-voxel comparison of TriBeam and DCT strontium titanate three-dimensional data sets
Lenthe, W.C.; Echlin, M.P.; Trenkle, A.; Syha, M.; Gumbsch, P.; Pollock, T.M.
Journal Article
2013Validation of three-dimensional diffraction contrast tomography reconstructions by means of electron backscatter diffraction characterization
Syha, M.; Trenkle, A.; Lödermann, B.; Graff, A.; Ludwig, W.; Weygand, D.; Gumbsch, P.
Journal Article
2012Characterizing the anisotropic hardening behavior of aluminum bonding wires
Altenbach, H.; Dresbach, C.; Petzold, M.
Conference Paper
2006Crystallographic anisotropy of wear on a polycrystalline diamond surface
El-Dasher, B.S.; Gray, J.J.; Tringe, J.W.; Biener, J.; Hamza, A.V.; Wild, C.; Wörner, E.; Koidl, P.
Journal Article
2002Investigation of long throw PVD of titanium films from polycrystalline targets with texture
Wolf, H.; Streiter, R.; Tirschler, W.; Giegengack, H.; Urbansky, N.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article