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2014Design of a self-adjusting terminal connector based on shape memory alloys
Pagel, Kenny; Zimmermann, Philipp; Bucht, Andre; Drossel, Welf-Guntram
Conference Paper
2009Reliability of press fit contacts and adjoining SMD components on printed circuit boards
Ring, K.; Schreier-Alt, T.
Conference Paper
1998Thermomechanical behavior of metal contacts and interconnects for information technology
Kaulfersch, E.; Schubert, A.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
1990Cadmium - Anwendung, Recycling und Ersatzprodukte
Tötsch, W.
Journal Article
1989Status of and prospects for cadmium substitution. Product-related protection against emissions
Böhm, E.; Tötsch, W.