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2019The influence on sintering and properties of sodium niobate (NaNbO3) ceramics by "non-stoichiometric" precursor compositions
Ruf, Thomas; Mauck, Markus; Megnin, Christof; Winkler, Markus; Hillebrecht, Harald; Hanemann, Thomas
Journal Article
2017Macroscopic superlow friction of steel and diamond-like carbon lubricated with a formanisotropic 1,3-diketone
Amann, T.; Kailer, A.; Oberle, N.; Li, K.; Walter, M.; List, M.; Rühe, J.
Journal Article
2002Comparative investigations on ER fluids with different polarization mechanisms
Bose, H.; Trendler, A.
Journal Article
2001The electric emission from mortar and concrete subjected to mechanical impact
Sklarczyk, C.; Altpeter, I.
Journal Article
1991Properties of anodic fluoride films on Hg1-xCdxTe
Esquivias, I.; Brink, D.; Dal Colle, M.; Baars, J.; Bruder, M.
Conference Paper