Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Weather sensitivity analyses in layout planning
Bischoff, Martin; Bamberger, Joachim; Fleuren, Tino; Plociennik, Kai; Leitner, Johannes
Conference Paper
2015Economic and ecological evaluation of hybrid additive manufacturing technologies based on the combination of laser metal deposition and CNC machining
Lutter-Günther, Max; Wagner, Stephan; Seidel, Christian; Reinhart, Gunther
Conference Paper
2014Electric or pneumatic? Comparing electric and pneumatic linear drives with regard to energy efficiency and costs
Hirzel, Simon; Hettesheimer, Tim; Schröter, Marcus
Conference Paper
2013Techno-economic analysis of electricity storage systems
Oberschmidt, Julia; Klobasa, Marian; Genoese, Fabio
Book Article
2008Reactive power supplied by wind energy converters - cost-benefit-analysis
Braun, M.
Conference Paper
2007Reactive power supplied by PV inverters - cost-benefit-analysis
Braun, M.
Conference Paper
2007Using control capabilities of DER to participate in distribution system operation
Tran-Quoc, T.; Braun, M.; Marti, J.; Kieny, C.; Hadjsaid, N.; Bacha, S.
Conference Paper
1993Economic thinking, sustainable development and the role of solar energy in the 21st century
Hohmeyer, O.
Conference Proceedings
1979The construction of digital exchanges using unit modules
Weber, J.; Kreutzer, H.
Conference Paper