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2021Techno-Economic Analysis of Automated iPSC Production
Nießing, Bastian; Kiesel, Raphael; Herbst, Laura; Schmitt, Robert H.
Journal Article
2019EU-Comparison of the Economic Viability of Prosumer PV Systems
Fluri, Verena; Niedermeier, Klarissa; Steffens, Henning; Wille-Haußmann, Bernhard; Kost, Christoph; Schlegl, Thomas; Shammugam, Shivenes
Conference Paper
2016Weather sensitivity analyses in layout planning
Bischoff, Martin; Bamberger, Joachim; Fleuren, Tino; Plociennik, Kai; Leitner, Johannes
Conference Paper
2015Economic and ecological evaluation of hybrid additive manufacturing technologies based on the combination of laser metal deposition and CNC machining
Lutter-Günther, Max; Wagner, Stephan; Seidel, Christian; Reinhart, Gunther
Conference Paper
2014Electric or pneumatic? Comparing electric and pneumatic linear drives with regard to energy efficiency and costs
Hirzel, Simon; Hettesheimer, Tim; Schröter, Marcus
Conference Paper
2013Techno-economic analysis of electricity storage systems
Oberschmidt, Julia; Klobasa, Marian; Genoese, Fabio
Book Article
2008Reactive power supplied by wind energy converters - cost-benefit-analysis
Braun, M.
Conference Paper
2007Reactive power supplied by PV inverters - cost-benefit-analysis
Braun, M.
Conference Paper
2007Using control capabilities of DER to participate in distribution system operation
Tran-Quoc, T.; Braun, M.; Marti, J.; Kieny, C.; Hadjsaid, N.; Bacha, S.
Conference Paper
1993Economic thinking, sustainable development and the role of solar energy in the 21st century
Hohmeyer, O.
Conference Proceedings
1985Employment effects of energy conservation investment in EC countries
Garnreiter, F.; Hohmeyer, O.; Mannsbart, W.; Jochem, E.
1979The construction of digital exchanges using unit modules
Weber, J.; Kreutzer, H.
Conference Paper