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2019Decentral Runtime Adaptation for Fault Tolerance in Distributed Industrial Systems
Pöcheim, Simon
: Steinhorst, Sebastian (Supervisor); Dreiser, Marc (Advisor); Weiß, Gereon (Co-Advisor)
Master Thesis
2007Building re-configurable blended-learning arrangements
Thomas, Ludger; Trapp, Sonja
2007Development of safe and reliable embedded systems using dynamic adaptation
Adler, Rasmus; Schneider, Daniel; Trapp, Mario
Conference Paper
2007Runtime adaptation in safety-critical automotive systems
Trapp, Mario; Adler, Rasmus; Förster, Marc; Junger, Janosch
Conference Paper
2004Buffer schemes for runtime reconfiguration of function variants in communication systems
Eilers, D.; Steckenbiller, H.; Herkersdorf, A.
Conference Paper
1992Change programming in distribut systems
Etzkorn, G.
Conference Paper
1992Programming generic dynamic reconfigurations for distributed applications
Endler, M.; Wei, J.
Conference Paper
1992Support for consistency - preserving dynamic reconfigurations in distributed systems
Endler, M.
Conference Paper