Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Complexity-Oriented Evaluation of Production Systems for Online-Switching of Autonomous Control Methods
Müller, Daniel; Graefenstein, Julian; Scholz, David; Henke, Michael
Conference Paper
2019Finite element simulations on the relation of microstructural characteristics and the formation of different types of adiabatic shear bands in a β-titanium alloy
Winter, Sven; Pfeiffer, Steffen; Bergelt, Tim; Wagner, Martin Franz-Xaver
Conference Paper
2019Investigation of the dynamic behavior of machine tools during cutting by operational modal analysis
Berthold, Jan; Regel, Joachim; Putz, Matthias; Kolouch, Martin
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Identification of modal parameters of machine tools during cutting by operational modal analysis
Berthold, Jan; Kolouch, Martin; Wittstock, Volker; Putz, Matthias
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Single actin bundle rheology
Strehle, Dan; Mollenkopf, Paul; Glaser, Martin; Golde, Tom; Schuldt, Carsten; Käs, Josef A.; Schnauß, Jörg R.
Journal Article
2017State-of-the-art: Intermediate and high strain rate testing of solid wood
Polocoser, T.; Kasal, B.; Stöckel, F.
Journal Article
2016Comparison of experimental modal analysis with operational modal analysis for assessment of the dynamic behaviour of a machine tool component
Berthold, Jan; Kolouch, Martin; Wittstock, Volker; Putz, Matthias
2016Transient beam oscillation with a highly dynamic scanner for laser beam fusion cutting
Goppold, Cindy; Pinder, Thomas; Herwig, Patrick
Journal Article
2015Beam oscillation - periodic modification of the geometrical beam properties
Goppold, Cindy; Pinder, Thomas; Herwig, Patrick; Mahrle, Achim; Wetzig, Andreas; Beyer, Eckhard
Conference Paper
2014Dynamics in jazz improvisation - score-informed estimation and contextual analysis of tone intensities in trumpet and saxophone solos
Abeßer, Jakob; Cano, Estefanía; Frieler, Klaus; Pfleiderer, Martin
Conference Paper
2014Modeling and simulation of a resilient dynamic protection system to protect critical infrastructures
Klein, Ruediger; Kober, Manuel
Conference Paper
2014Understanding carrier lifetime measurements at nonuniform recombination
Giesecke, J.A.; Warta, W.
Journal Article
2013Determination of actual carrier lifetime from differential measurements
Giesecke, J.A.; Glunz, S.W.; Warta, W.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Determination of bulk lifetime and surface recombination velocity of silicon ingots from dynamic photoluminescence
Giesecke, J.A.; Sinton, R.A.; Schubert, M.C.; Riepe, S.; Warta, W.
Journal Article
2013Superlubric to stick-slip sliding of incommensurate graphene flakes on graphite
Wijk, M.M. van; Dienwiebel, M.; Frenken, J.W.M.; Fasolino, A.
Journal Article
2012Dynamic vehicle routing with anticipation in disaster relief
Wohlgemuth, Sascha; Oloruntoba, Richard; Clausen, Uwe
Journal Article
2010CFK-Querbalken einer TRUMPF-Laserschneidanlage
Meltke, R.
Book Article
2010Efficient on-line schedulability tests for heterogeneous distributed real-time systems
Becker, K.
: Zeller, M. (Prüfer); Kerstan, T.
Master Thesis
2010Feature oriented analysis and design for dynamically reconfigurable product lines
Lee, Jaejoon; Muthig, Dirk
Book Article
2009Automated combined voxel based kinetic analysis of DCE- and DSC-MRI in brain lesions
Giesel, F.L.; Zechmann, C.; Talanow, R.; Gerigk, L.; Zamecnik, P.; Hahn, H.K.; Eßig, M.; Laue, H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2009Dynamic model for the efficiency analysis of intralogistic systems
Hoyndorff, K.; Spee, D.; Ten Hompel, M.
Conference Paper
2009Three-dimensional discrete element models for the granular statics and dynamics of powders in cavity filling
Bierwisch, C.; Kraft, T.; Riedel, H.; Moseler, M.
Journal Article
2008Enhanced cardio vascular image analysis by combined representation of results from dynamic MRI and anatomic CTA
Kühnel, C.; Hennemuth, A.; Oeltze, S.; Boskamp, T.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2008On profitableness of considering dynamics in forwarding agencies
Clausen, U.; Wohlgemuth, S.
Conference Paper
2007DAiSI - Dynamic Adaptive System Infrastructure
Niebuhr, Dirk; Klus, Holger; Anastasopoulos, Michalis; Koch, Jan; Weiß, Oliver; Rausch, Andreas
2007Measurement of dynamic properties of MEMS and the possibilities of parameter identification by simulation
Ebert, M.; Naumann, F.; Gerbach, R.; Bagdahn, J.
Conference Paper
2007Die Speicherung elektrischer Energie - Ausgleich fluktuierender Einspeisesysteme und dynamisches Energiemanagement durch den Einsatz von Stromspeichern
Dötsch, C.; Berthold, S.; Wolf, D.
Book Article
2006Beschreibung der Dynamik elastisch gekoppelter Körper in konformaler geometrischer Algebra
Kalbe, T.
: Hildenbrand, D. (Prüfer)
2006Integrated visualization of morphologic and perfusion data for the analysis of coronary artery disease
Oeltze, S.; Grothues, F.; Hennemuth, A.; Preim, B.
Conference Paper
2006Method for the optimization of kinematic and dynamic properties of parallel kinematic machines
Neugebauer, Reimund; Drossel, W.-G.; Ihlenfeldt, S.; Hensel, S.; Harzbecker, C.
Conference Paper
2006Numerical identification of geometric parameters from dynamic measurement of grinded membranes on wafer level
Ebert, M.; Gerbach, R.; Bagdahn, J.; Michael, S.; Hering, S.
Conference Paper
2006VAR-trainer: Versatile construction machinery simulator for security training
Barrera, C.; Richard, S.; Brunetti, G.; Henn, T.; Esnaola-Martinez, A.I.; Arrese-Pujana, A.; Moreno, A.; Segura, A.
Conference Paper
2005Impacts and dynamics of competing standards of recordable DVD-media
Gauch, S.
Conference Paper
2002Assembly verification in digital mock-ups using force feedback
Preusche, C.; Hirzinger, G.; Rettig, A.
Conference Paper
2002Modelling of chemical processes in the dynamic expansion for pulsed laser deposition
Kreutz, E.W.; Aden, M.; Niessen, M.; Husmann, A.; Poprawe, R.
Conference Paper
2000Grundlagen der Abscheidung organischer Substanzen durch Adsorption in Zuluft- und ORVR-Filtern
Kümmel, R.
Conference Paper
2000Measuring Dynamic Technical Change: a technometric Approach
Frenkel, A.; Maital, S.; Grupp, H.
Journal Article
1998Analyse schaltender und driftender Dynamik mit neuronalen Netzen
Kohlmorgen, J.
1994Theoretische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Erzielung großer Spurbreiten und Einhärtetiefen beim Laserhärten
Kusch, H.-G.; Lepski, D.; Pollack, D.; Brenner, B.; Reitzenstein, W.
Conference Paper
1993Dynamic objects in virtual worlds - integrating simulations in a virtual reality toolkit -
Astheimer, P.; Dai, F.
Conference Paper
1990Druckstoßwirkungen und einfache Rechenmodelle
Körner, W.
Book Article
1990Tragverhalten von Betonplatten unter quasistatischer Belastung
Mayrhofer, C.
Book Article
1989Impact loading and crack arrest
Schmitt, W.; Böhme, W.
Conference Paper
1989Plastic flow of a ferritic mild steel and a high strength austenitic steel under dynamic biaxial loading
Kunze, H.-D.; Staskewitsch, E.; Stiebler, K.
Conference Paper
1981Dynamic behaviour of high strength steels under tension
Meyer, L.W.; Kunze, H.-D.; Seifert, K.
Conference Paper