Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Laser interference patterned ta-C-coated dry forming tools
Jähnig, Theresa; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article
2020Tribological Conditions Using CO2 as Volatile Lubricant in Dry Metal Forming
Liewald, Mathias; Tovar, Günter; Woerz, Christoph; Umlauf, Georg
Journal Article
2019Extremely smooth. How smooth surfaces enable dry and boundary lubricated forming of aluminum
Flegler, F.; Groche, P.; Abraham, T.; Bräuer, G.
Conference Paper
2017Deep drawing process without lubrication - an adapted tool for a stable, economic and environmentally friendly process
Mousavi, Ali; Kunze, Tim; Roch, Teja; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián; Brosius, Alexander
Journal Article
2016Tool optimization for dry forming applications
Kunze, Tim; Mousavi, Ali; Stucky, Thomas; Böttcher, Falko; Roch, Teja; Schomäcker, Michael; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián; Brosius, Alexander
Conference Paper
2016Tribological investigation of silicon-modified DLC coatings for the dry forming of aluminium alloys
Abraham, T.; Bräuer, G.; Kretz, F.; Groche, P.
Conference Paper
2016Tribological optimization of dry forming tools
Kunze, Tim; Mousavi, Ali; Stucky, Thomas; Böttcher, Falko; Roch, Teja; Brosius, Alexander; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article
2015Surface functionalization of forming using direct laser interference patterning for dry forming applications
Kunze, Tim; Böttcher, Falko; Lang, Valentin; Gärtner, Anne; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article