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2018Investigations on the Toxicity of CeO2 Nanoparticles after Subchronic Inhalation of Low Doses
Schwotzer, Daniela
: Kietzmann, Manfred (Scientific supervision); Steinberg, Pablo (Scientific supervision); Dasenbrock, Clemens (Scientific supervision); Gebel, Thomas
2008An analysis of the results from two-generation reproduction toxicity studies to assess the value of mating animals of the second (F1) generation for the detection of adverse treatment-related effects on reproductive performance
Myers, D.P.; Willoughby, C.R.; Bottomley, A.M.; Buschmann, J.
Conference Paper
2008Statistical analysis of in vitro data for risk assessment - exemplified for a case of ames test data
Roller, M.; Aufderheide, M.
Journal Article
1997Dose-response relationship of fibrous dusts in intraperitoneal studies
Roller, M.; Pott, Friedrich; Kamino, Kenji; Althoff, G.-H.; Bellmann, Bernd
Journal Article