Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Engineering roles for constructing ecosystems
Hess, Steffen; Knodel, Jens; Naab, Matthias; Trapp, Marcus
2009A production environment for virtual office systems
Zilch, Stefan
: Knauber, Peter (Supervisor); Carbon, Ralf (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2008Mobility in the virtual office - a document-centric workflow approach
Carbon, Ralf; Johann, Gregor; Keuler, Thorsten; Muthig, Dirk; Naab, Matthias; Zilch, Stefan
Conference Paper
2007Generation of graphical editors for software architecture modeling
Weinmann, Jörg
: Rombach, H. Dieter (Supervisor); Keuler, Thorsten (Supervisor)
1999PuLSE: A Methodology to Develop Software Product Lines
Bayer, J.; Flege, O.; Knauber, P.; Laqua, R.; Muthig, D.; Schmid, K.; Widen, T.; DeBaud, J.-M.
Conference Paper
1999Transitioning Legacy Assets to a Product Line Architecture
Bayer, J.; Girard, J.-F.; Würthner, M.; DeBaud, J.-M.; Apel, M.
Conference Paper
1997Requirements and Design for a Domain-Specific Software Architecture Software Design Environment
Bayer, J.
: Rombach, H.D. (Prüfer); DeBaud, J.-M. (Prüfer)
1997Supporting the Specification of System Families
Muthig, D.
: Rombach, H.D. (Prüfer); DeBaud, J.-M. (Prüfer); Bayer, J. (Prüfer)
1996Viewing a DSSA in Context: Problems versus Solutions
DeBaud, J.-M.
Conference Paper