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2015A comparative analysis of PEV charging impacts - an international perspective
Bohn, Sven; Agsten, Michael; Dubey, Anamika; Santoso, Surya
2014Parallel operation of photovoltaic inverters with autonomous voltage control strategies - comparison of Q(V)/P(V) and automatic voltage limitation
Wang, Haonan; Stetz, Thomas; Kraiczy, Markus; Birk, A.; Töbermann, Christian; Braun, Martin
Conference Paper
2013A simulation- and metaheuristic-based approach for inventory optimization of complex distribution systems
Fang, Dianjun; Li, Cong
Conference Paper
2012OTD-NET based simulation evaluation of (R, Q) inventory policies for complex distribution systems
Li, Cong; Fang, Dianjun
Conference Paper
2012Planning changeability in distribution systems
Klingebiel, Katja; Kuhn, Axel; Li, Cong
Conference Paper
2006Warehouse Management
Ten Hompel, M.; Schmidt, T.
1987Experimental system for optical coherent multi-carrier techniques in the subscriber loop
Baack, C.; Bachus, E.-J.; Heydt, G.; Strebel, B.
Journal Article