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2017Design and prototyping of self-learning methods for semi-automated model creation as a reference behavior in distributed embedded system
Salvi, Aniket
: Potluri, Sasanka (Supervisor); Stiller, Michael (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2014Memory concepts for enabling adaptivity in distributed embedded systems
Schleiß, Philipp; Zeller, Marc; Weiß, Gereon
Journal Article
2014SafeAdapt - safe adaptive software for fully electric vehicles
Schleiß, Philipp; Zeller, Marc; Weiß, Gereon; Eilers, Dirk
2011Anomaly detection in embedded safety critical software
Langer, Falk; Prehofer, Christian
Conference Paper
2011Self learning anomaly detection for embedded safety critical systems
Langer, Falk; Bertulies, Karsten
Conference Paper