Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2010Guest editorial of the special issue on improving display and rendering technologies for virtual environments
Santos, Pedro; Pereira, João Madeiras; Stork, André
2010Supporting outdoor mixed reality applications for architecture and cultural heritage
Santos, Pedro; Acri, Domimik; Gierlinger, Thomas; Schmedt, Hendrik
Conference Paper
2003Virtual showcases
Mader, S.; Voskamp, J.
Conference Paper
2002Interactive rendering for projection-based augmented reality displays
Bimber, O.
: Encarnacao, J.L. (Prüfer); Fuchs, H. (Prüfer)
2002Putting It on the Table
Encarnacao, L.M.; Bimber, O.
Conference Paper
2001History between the realities - Hi-tech user interfaces for exploring the past
Encarnacao, L.M.; Bimber, O.; Billinghurst, M.
Book Article
2001The virtual showcase
Bimber, O.; Fröhlich, B.; Schmalstieg, D.; Encarnacao, L.M.
Journal Article
1995Status of display technology
Mauch, R.H.
Journal Article
1994Efficient 3D interaction with scientific data using 2D input and display devices
Frühauf, Thomas
Conference Paper