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2016BI 1002494, a novel potent and selective oral spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitor, displays differential potency in human basophils and B cells
Lamb, David J.; Wollin, Stefan Lutz; Schnapp, Andreas; Bischoff, Daniel; Erb, Klaus J.; Bouyssou, Thierry; Guilliard, Bernd; Strasser, Christine; Wex, Eva; Blum, Sylvia; Thaler, Eva; Nickel, Helga; Radmacher, Oliver; Haas, Hannah; Swantek, Jennifer L.; Souza, Don; Canfield, Melissa; White, Della; Panzenbeck, Mark; Kashem, Mohammed A.; Sanville-Ross, Mary; Kono, Takeshi; Sewald, Katherina; Braun, Armin; Obernolte, Helena; Danov, Olga; Schaenzle, Gerhard; Rast, Georg; Maier, Gerd-Michael; Hoffmann, Matthias
Journal Article
2009Prototyping an extended magic lens interface for discovering sart objects in a ubiquitous environment
Reiners, R.; Wibowo, V.
Conference Paper
2009Unified approach for topology control in IEEE 802.15.4-based WSN
Todorova, P.; Sokullu, R.
Conference Paper
2008Mining ideas from textual information
Thorleuchter, D.
Conference Paper
1996Making AI systems more creative: the IPC-model
Schmid, K.
Journal Article