Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Effects of defects on laminate quality and mechanical performance in thermoplastic Automated Fiber Placement-based process chains
Zenker, Thomas; Bruckner, Fabian; Drechsler, Klaus
Journal Article
2019GPU-based digital image correlation system for real-time strain-controlled fatigue and strain field measurement
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, Melanie; Eberl, Chris; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel
Conference Paper
2019Physiological in vitro sacroiliac joint motion. A study on three-dimensional posterior pelvic ring kinematics
Hammer, Niels; Scholze, Mario; Kibsgard, Thomas; Klima, Stefan; Schleifenbaum, Stefan; Seidel, Thomas; Werner, Michael; Grunert, Ronny
Journal Article
2019Real-Time GPU-Based Digital Image Correlation Sensor for Marker-Free Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, Melanie; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel; Eberl, Chris
Journal Article
2018Assessing the predictive capability of numerical additive manufacturing simulations via in-situ distortion measurements on a LMD component during build-up
Biegler, Max; Graf, Benjamin; Rethmeier, Michael
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Experimental Verification of FE-Models for Thermo-Mechanical Loading using Digital Image Correlation
Schwerz, Robert; Metasch, René; Röllig, Mike; Wolter, Klaus-Jürgen
Conference Paper
2018Finite element analysis of in-situ distortion and bulging for an arbitrarily curved additive manufacturing directed energy deposition geometry
Biegler, Max; Marko, Angelina; Graf, Benjamin; Rethmeier, Michael
Journal Article
2018Heat haze effects in thermal chamber tensile tests on digital image correlation
Yuile, Adam; Schwerz, Robert; Röllig, Mike; Metasch, René; Wiese, Steffen
Conference Paper
2017Marker-free GPU-based digital image correlation system for high-temperature strain-controlled fatigue measurements
Blug, Andreas; Regina, David Joel; Eckmann, Stefan; Senn, M.; Eberl, Christoph; Bertz, Alexander; Carl, Daniel
2017Progressive failure strain measurement of a compression loaded carbon fiber laminate
D'haen, Jonas; Kilchert, Sebastian; Knoll, Octavian; May, Michael; Hiermaier, Stefan
Conference Paper
2017Systematic analysis of coating-substrate interactions in the presence of flow localization
Isakov, Matti; Matikainen, V.; Koivuluoto, H.; May, Michael
Journal Article
2013Evolution of local strain bands of different orientation in single crystalline NiMnGa foils under tension
Pinneker, V.; Eberl, C.; Sozinov, A.; Ezer, Y.; Kohl, M.
Journal Article
2007Nanoscale deformation measurements for reliability assessment of MEMS and NEMS
Keller, J.; Vogel, D.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper