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20203D lattice Boltzmann modeling of droplet motion in PEM fuel cell channel with realistic GDL microstructure and fluid properties
Hou, Y.; Deng, H.; Zamel, N.; Du, Q.; Jiao, K.
Journal Article
2020Impact of cyclic mechanical compression on the electrical contact resistance between the gas diffusion layer and the bipolar plate of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Bouziane, K.; Khetabi, E.M.; Lachat, R.; Zamel, N.; Meyer, Y.; Candusso, D.
Journal Article
2013The influence of porous transport layer modifications on the water management in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Alink, R.; Haussmann, J.; Markötter, H.; Schwager, M.; Manke, I.; Gerteisen, D.
Journal Article