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2019Replicative manufacturing of glass optics with functional microstructures
Rojacher, Cornelia; Grunwald, Tim; Bergs, Thomas
Conference Paper
2017Two-photon polymerization as a structuring technology in production: Future or fiction?
Harnisch, Emely Marie; Schmitt, Robert
Conference Paper
2008Comparison of different simulation methods for multiplane computer generated holograms
Kämpfe, T.; Hudelist, F.; Waddie, A.J.; Taghizadeh, M.R.; Kley, E.-B.; Tünnermann, A.
Conference Paper
2008Designing multiplane computer-generated holograms with consideration of the pixel shape and the illumination wave
Kämpfe, T.; Kley, E.-B.; Tünnermann, A.
Journal Article
2006MEMS analog light processing - an enabling technology for adaptive optical phase control
Gehner, A.; Wildenhain, M.; Neumann, H.; Schenk, H.; Lakner, H.
Conference Paper